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The Supportive Services Department provides a variety of resources and supportive programming to residents with the goal of increasing self-reliance and self-sufficiency. These services include, but are not limited to, referrals to in-house programs and partnering agencies, assistance with obtaining food and paying utilities, transportation for seniors and disabled residents for medical appointments, and assisting with employment opportunities. Below are some of the programs:

Our Vision: For the Supportive Services Department to be an innovative and effective developer and provider of resident services by promoting and offering diverse programs.
Our Mission: To assist the clients and the surrounding community of SNRHA in developing and achieving their full potential and improve the quality of life.
Our Purpose: To encourage resident development to pursue their full potential in becoming self-sufficient and to provide opportunities for seniors to age in place.
Our primary goal: To meet the needs of our diverse population by providing the services, support, and encouragement needed to help SNRHA residents reach their goals and maintain viable communities.

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Family Self-Sufficiency Program: The FSS Program is a voluntary work-based program designed to assist families in becoming economically independent and self-sufficient. With the support of local agencies, FSS combines case management, education, job training, and ongoing support to aid each family in making positive changes in their lives.
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Section 3 Program: Section 3 is a provision of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, which recognizes that HUD funds are typically one of the largest sources of federal funding expended in communities through the form of grants, loans, entitlement allocations and other forms of financial assistance..
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Senior Services Program: The SNRHA Senior Services Program is designed to link SNRHA seniors with needed services. The SNHRA Senior Services team utilizes local and national resources to provide onsite information about services, make appropriate referrals, and conduct public education and outreach throughout SNRHA's senior communities.
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ROSE Foundation: Supportive Services and it's programs are partially funded by the ROSE Foundation. Through the receipt of charitable donations, the Foundation provides a variety of supportive services and activities for resident families of the SNRHA that may not be covered by agency funding.
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