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Are you porting into or out of Clark County from another housing authority?

The SNRHA is currently ABSORBING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.. This is subject to change at any time.

Please submit the following information to your current housing authority:

Our mailing address is as follows:
Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority
PO Box 1897
Las Vegas, NV 89125-1897

Our physical address is as follows:
Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority
380 N. Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Portability Specialist
Phone: 702-477-3445
Email: SNRHA_portability@SNVRHA.org

Your current Public Housing Authority (PHA) must email, or mail your portability documentation prior to your arrival in Clark County area. NO HAND delivered documents will be accepted. If we have received all required documents, please allow 14 days for reviewing of your documents and scheduling your attendance to a portability briefing.

The Payment Standards by bedrooms are as follows: (See Chart) list bedroom size and amount.

Porting-In To Las Vegas/Clark County (Port In)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Families will not be permitted to exercise portability during the 12 month period after admission to the program. If the family owes monies to the Housing Authority, the balance must be paid in full or the transfer will be denied. Families in violation of their family obligations will not be permitted to transfer to Clark County.

Porting Out Of Clark County (Port Out)

Please fill out the Request For Portability Form with the new housing authority's contact information and submit it to your occupancy specialist. The form can be located in the Housing Choice Voucher Lobby and on the housing authority's website SNVRHA.org. Your Occupancy Specialist will contact the new housing authority to confirm porting. If everything is approved your occupancy specialist will contact you to schedule an appointment for you to bring in a signed and dated Portability Client Request Form. Please See Flyer.

  • Click Here for: Portability Client Request Form
  • Click Here for: Portability Brochure
  • IMPORTANT REMINDER! After you have ported out there will be no changes processed. You must cancel the process to move and process the change first or complete it with the agency you have decided to port out to.

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