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In a nutshell, you can become a Housing Choice Voucher Landlord by performing these 4 easy steps:

  • SNRHA's Landlord Incentive Program: (Effective August 1, 2023)

    You may be eligible to receive:

    • $500 Signing Bonus
      • For each new unit added to the program (units never under contract with SNRHA HCV
    • Mitigation Loss
      • up to $2500
    • Vacancy Loss
      • up to $1500

    For more information, please email or call 702-477-3455

    STEP 1:

    List your unit via The Housing Choice Voucher Participant contacts the Owner/Landlord who then must complete a RFTA Packet provided by the tenant.

  • STEP 2:

    SNRHA approves tenancy which includes a determination that the rent does not exceed 40% of the family’s adjusted income; determines that the unit rent is reasonable; and ensures the unit has an initial HQS inspection within 10 calendar days of the RFTA submission date. Utilities must be on prior to the inspection.

  • STEP 3:

    Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) Contract is signed by the owner at the HQS Inspection (unless the unit does not pass its inspection). The lease effective date “must” match the effective date of the HAP contract per HUD regulations and shall be filled in at the time of the HQS passed inspection or the date the tenant takes possession of the unit, whichever is later. The HQS Inspector shall return the forms to the assigned case worker to ensure the contract is signed for payment. This system ensures the owners/managers never have to come into SNRHA unless they prefer to bring in RFTA documents themselves. If so, they should call our office to make an appointment with the assigned case worker.

  • STEP 4:

    Housing Assistance Payments are made on the 1st or 15th of each month. Contracts that have been signed by both parties (SNRHA and the Owner) and all other required documents received by SNRHA, including required documents from the tenant no later than 5 business days “prior” to the 1st or 15th will be paid on the next scheduled check run. If this deadline is missed, the first payment will be made on the next check run date effective the later of the date the unit passed HQS inspection or the date the tenant takes possession of the unit. All payments are made via automatic direct deposit. Vendor payment ledgers are available via our SNRHA Landlord Portal.

You may also watch the LANDLORD BRIEFING VIDEO for more details.
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