Biegger Estates: Biegger Estates is one of our Rental Assistance Demonstration Housing Properties.

Section 3 Program

Economic Opportunities for Low and Very Low-Income Persons
Section 3 is a provision of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, which recognizes that HUD funds are typically one of the largest sources of federal funding expended in communities through the form of grants, loans, entitlement allocations and other forms of financial assistance. Section 3 is intended to ensure that when employment or contracting opportunities are generated because a covered project or activity necessitates the employment of additional persons or the awarding of contracts for work, preference must be given to low- and very low-income persons or business concerns residing in the community where the project is located. In a nutshell; this program expects SNRHA and its contractors and vendors to provide these types of opportunities to participants who receive housing assistance or who are low-income residents living in Clark County, NV.

Job Bank and Job Development Fund
SNRHA maintains a Section 3 Job Bank which is utilized as a referral program. The Job Bank connects our contractors and vendors with qualified residents who are interested in obtaining employment. The types of opportunities that are commonly available include general laborer/demolition/site cleanup, janitorial, grounds keeping, unarmed security guards and office administration/clerical. The Job Development Fund creates a chance for our residents to access funding for training, supportive services, and job-related expenses which will allow them to obtain or maintain employment and self-sufficiency. The funding is available to SNRHA residents however; it is to be considered the funding source of last resort, when all other options have failed. This money has been extremely helpful in removing some of the roadblocks our residents have faced. Examples of how these funds have been used include, but are no way limited to, obtaining work cards such as the Unarmed Security Guard Cards, Health Cards, TAM cards, Driver's Licenses, Gaming Cards, OSHA 10 Training, and even testing fees.

Click here for the Section 3 Job Bank Application. The Job Development Fund Application is available on request. If you need an application or if you are a potential vendor needing to recruit Section 3 staffing, or if you have any questions regarding the Section 3 Program, please contact Johnny Shaw.

Help with the Section 3 Job Bank Application Submitting via Email:

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  • MS Edge: Download to desktop then Right-click > Open With > Adobe Acrobat.

Fill out form.
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Johnny Shaw
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Section 3 Forms
Please Note: If you open a Job Bank Application, you must Click on the Open In Acrobat Button to Submit, Save, or Print the PDF file. You may have to download the PDF file first, then open the file with Acrobat Reader.

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